Understanding the International Visa Gift Card

The international Visa gift card is similar to a debit card which represents the money that you have deposited to Visa, which is the issuer of the card. The card can be used to purchase just about anything from a merchant that accepts Visa cards. The biggest difference between a debit Visa card and the international Visa gift card is that the debit card itself is issued with a certain person’s name, while the gift card is issued without any name. From the name itself, this card is often given as a gift so anyone can pretty much use the card for shopping.

How does it Look Like?

International Visa Gift CardThe international Visa gift card looks exactly like any kind of Visa debit card. It has a magnetic strip embedded on it where the number is encoded. The remaining value of the card is determined by means of radio frequency identification although in some instances, entering the printed number of the card to a phone or other numeric keypad can also help to assess the value left on the card. But the most convenient way to determine how much funds are left on the international Visa gift card is by calling the toll free number indicated right at the back of the card.

Some Things to Consider

As mentioned, the gift card is usually used as a gift so the recipient can buy exactly what he or she wants. Some of these cards are automatically activated while others will have to be activated by the recipient before it can be used. The process of activating the card is usually indicated on the card itself. It is very important that the recipient signs at the back of the international Visa gift card so as to prevent the card from being used by an unauthorized person. The purchase receipt must also be signed each time you make a purchase from any store.

How to Use the Gift Card

Using the gift card is so easy. It is actually just similar to using any kind of credit card wherein the card has to be swiped through every time you make a payment. As soon as the card is swiped, the amount spent will then be deducted on the remaining balance of the international Visa gift card. If the amount spent is more than the amount left on the card, then the transaction will immediately be declined. This is the reason why it is very important that you check the balance of the gift card before you decide to use it.

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