Visa Gift Cards

visa gift cardsThe Visa gift cards are a perfect way to make your loved ones happy on their special day. The card basically works just like a prepaid card where you can store money in it so the person you are giving the card to can use the money to shop for whatever it is that he or she wants online. As you know, more than a million online stores worldwide accept the Visa card, so if you are giving Visa gift cards to someone, he or she will have the freedom to shop from wherever she wants.

How to Activate the Card

The card can be activated easily and there are instructions provided on the card itself on how to go about the activation process. Most of the Visa gift cards, however, are already activated, so the moment someone receives the gift card, he or she can use it immediately.

How to Use the Card

Using the Visa gift cards is similar to using a Visa credit card for shopping. Whenever you are on the checkout page and the website requires payment, all you need is to simply enter the card number on the gift card. If you choose to use the card for shopping from retail outlets in the mall, you just simply present the Visa gift cards to the cashier who will then swipe the card.

Checking your Balance

It is important that you check the balance of your gift card from time to time so you will know if you still have enough funds to pay for your shopping purchases. Remember that the card could be declined if ever you use it to pay for something that costs more than the amount that is left on the card.

There are various ways on how you can check the balance on your Visa gift cards. First is to log on to the website of the company that issued the card. Most issuers of gift cards these days would have a web portal that users can access in order to keep track of the card balance. Another way to determine the balance on your Visa gift cards is by keeping a record of the amount left on the card each time you make a purchase.

Using the Visa gift cards is just easy and anyone can use it for their shopping needs. Most of the time, the cards come with toll free numbers at the back so those who will encounter problems in using the gift cards can simply dial the toll free number for assistance.

What You May Not Know about the Prepaid Gift Cards from Visa

There are a lot of prepaid gift cards that you can find all over the Internet these days, although the most common of all is the gift card from Visa. The card can be used to pay for just about anything you purchase, for as long as the seller accepts a Visa card. It is very convenient to use and it is just similar to using a credit card when shopping.
The great thing about the prepaid gift cards is that you will be able to easily keep track of the money you spend and that you feel secure knowing that your funds or money is kept in the bank. So the next time you go shopping, consider using the prepaid card from Visa.

Different Types of Prepaid Cards

There are several different types of prepaid gift cards from Visa that you can find these days. There is a card ideal for travelers and is called the Travel Money. Another card is called the Visa Healthcare, which is ideal to pay for any kind of health care services.

By using the card, you get to earn discounts and huge savings on health care related services. Another prepaid gift cards from Visa is the Visa Payroll which some employers would use when depositing compensation or wages to their employees. Just like with any type of prepaid card from Visa, all these cards can be used to pay at any merchant that accepts the Visa card.

Visa Reloadable Gift Card

If you are planning to give the prepaid gift cards to someone, you can go for the Visa Reloadable Card. You can deposit a certain amount of money on the card and the recipient can then use the card to shop from any store that accepts Visa cards. This is a great way of giving gift to someone since the recipient will have the freedom to purchase whatever it is that he or she wants using the card.

Why Choose the Visa Prepaid Cards

So you might wonder why it is best to use the prepaid gift cards. First of all, the card secures your money since you do not have to carry cash with you each time you go shopping. You can simply use it to pay for whatever it is that you will purchase and it is definitely very convenient to use when shopping. Furthermore, the stores will no longer have to worry about giving you change since the exact amount of your purchases will be deducted directly out of your prepaid gift cards.

Understanding the International Visa Gift Card

The international Visa gift card is similar to a debit card which represents the money that you have deposited to Visa, which is the issuer of the card. The card can be used to purchase just about anything from a merchant that accepts Visa cards. The biggest difference between a debit Visa card and the international Visa gift card is that the debit card itself is issued with a certain person’s name, while the gift card is issued without any name. From the name itself, this card is often given as a gift so anyone can pretty much use the card for shopping.

How does it Look Like?

International Visa Gift CardThe international Visa gift card looks exactly like any kind of Visa debit card. It has a magnetic strip embedded on it where the number is encoded. The remaining value of the card is determined by means of radio frequency identification although in some instances, entering the printed number of the card to a phone or other numeric keypad can also help to assess the value left on the card. But the most convenient way to determine how much funds are left on the international Visa gift card is by calling the toll free number indicated right at the back of the card.

Some Things to Consider

As mentioned, the gift card is usually used as a gift so the recipient can buy exactly what he or she wants. Some of these cards are automatically activated while others will have to be activated by the recipient before it can be used. The process of activating the card is usually indicated on the card itself. It is very important that the recipient signs at the back of the international Visa gift card so as to prevent the card from being used by an unauthorized person. The purchase receipt must also be signed each time you make a purchase from any store.

How to Use the Gift Card

Using the gift card is so easy. It is actually just similar to using any kind of credit card wherein the card has to be swiped through every time you make a payment. As soon as the card is swiped, the amount spent will then be deducted on the remaining balance of the international Visa gift card. If the amount spent is more than the amount left on the card, then the transaction will immediately be declined. This is the reason why it is very important that you check the balance of the gift card before you decide to use it.

Why is it a Good Option to Buy Gift Cards Online?

One of the most preferred ways of giving gifts these days is by the use of gift cards. This is the reason why more and more people would look for the best ways to buy gift cards online. The great thing about giving the card as a gift is that the recipient will have the freedom to buy anything that he or she wants using the card. Here are more reasons why it is a good option to buy gift cards online when giving gifts to someone.

Buy gift card online


By using the card, the person to whom the card was given can shop whatever he or she wants. There are several stores in the World Wide Web that accepts gift cards. So if you are having a hard time in looking for a certain product to give to someone, you might as well buy gift cards online and let that person buy what it is that he or she wants.


The great thing about the gift cards these days is that you can customize them according to your own preferences. Most of the leading online stores that sell the gift cards would allow their shoppers to choose the design and color of the electronic gift card and the shoppers will even have the freedom to choose the amount that they want for the card whenever they buy gift cards online.


Due to the popularity of the gift cards, a lot of online sellers have come up with innovative ways on how to enhance the card. In fact, there are some gift cards now that come with animation and audios, which will make the recipient feel even more special. For those who are celebrating birthdays, you can choose to buy gift cards online that will play the happy birthday song the moment they receive the gift card on their email.


The pricing of the gift cards are standard although there are instances that online sellers would offer great deals, such as 10 to 20 percent discount on the regular price of the card. Therefore, if you are planning to give someone a $100 worth of gift card, you can end up paying $80 only for such card if ever you are eligible for the 20 percent discount. This definitely saves you a lot of money, so buy gift cards online now if you want to save money while making someone happy on his or her special day.

How to Check the Balance of your Gift Card at Login

Activating your gift card and checking its balance is now so easy, thanks to The website allows holders of the Visa and MasterCard gift cards to activate their card and to check their balance as well.

The process of doing such is so easy and will not take up a lot of your time. With this online facility, you will be able to easily keep track of your account which helps you in determining how much amount is left on your gift card.

Before you can make use of, you will need to provide some information about your card. Once the system recognizes your card, it will automatically provide you with your available balance so you will know how much money to spend the next time you shop using the gift card.

All about the Visa and MasterCard Gift Cards

gift cards

As mentioned previously, is the link to the website where customers can check the balances of their Visa or MasterCard gift cards. But for those who are wondering what these gift cards are, then it is basically a type of card which you can give to someone as a gift. It comes preloaded with a certain amount, depending on how much you want to give to that person.
The recipient can use your card to shop to the millions of stores worldwide that accept Visa and MasterCard. The cards can even be used to shop online since most of the online sellers these days accept Visa or MasterCard. The great thing about the card is that you can easily keep track of its available value by simply logging in to balance.

Step by Step Process of Checking the Balance of your Gift Card at

If you were given the Visa or MasterCard gift card and you want to know the available balance of the card, then here are the steps that you need to follow on how to go about it. Now, remember that you must have a computer that is connected to the Internet before you can make use of the site to activate or check your gift card balance. So here’s how to do it:• First of all, go online and open your web browser.
• Type in and click enter.
• On the main page of the website, you will be asked to provide certain information about your gift card.
• Choose your language, whether English or Spanish.
• Key in the card number, card security code and the security characters as they appear on the shaded box.
• Click the button that says “Log In” and you will then be taken to a page where you will find information on the available balance on your card.

Do you Need to Register?

There are some gift card providers that will ask you to register with your username and password at before you can begin to check the available balance on your gift card. This process is done in order to verify if you are indeed the holder of the gift card.

As soon as your account is verified, you will need to enter your email address at register in order to authenticate your account. After you register, you must check your email for the verification link. The link is sent to you by MasterCard or Visa and you need to click this link so your account will be verified. After this, key-in your username and password at so you can begin to check the available balance on your gift card.

How The Gift Card Works?

Before you activate your card at the activate link, there are certain things that you need to know about it. Remember that your Visa or MasterCard gift card is not a credit card. The card only carries a certain fixed amount which you can use for shopping.

Every time you use your card to shop, the amount of your purchases will be deducted on the available balance on your card. This is the reason why the providers of the card have set up, so as to help the holders of the card in keeping track of their account balances so easily.

The amount that you can reload on the card is available only in certain denominations, such as $100, $50, $25, $20 and $15. The cards are not reloadable, so as soon as you have exhausted the available amount, then you can no longer use it anymore.

The Visa and MasterCard gift cards are indeed the best form of gift that you can give these days. A lot of times, we tend to find ourselves worrying about what kind of gift to give to someone who is celebrating a special event in his or her life. So if you cannot think of anything to give that person, why not give him these gift cards? He will certainly be happy about it, especially since he can easily keep track of the card’s balance by simply logging in at

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